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August 7th, 2011 @   - 

Rundown of Escrow Services

Real Estate Escrow
As your escrow company we act as a neutral third party that makes sure your deal goes through. We work between the buyer and seller to complete all the necessary documents and make as seamless as possible.
Business Opportunity
Among the most challenging of any escrow transaction. Business Opportunity or Bulk Sales Escrow must be handled by skilled, experienced professional Escrow Officers. Advantage One Escrow has a reputation for completing these types of escrows without a hitch.
1031 Exchanges
Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of like-kind properties. 1031, or tax-deferred, exchanges hold great advantages for both investors and REALTORS®.
Liquor License Transfer
If you are planning to purchase or sell an alcoholic beverage permit in the State of California, the law requires that the transfer be conducted through a licensed escrow company. Let the experts at Advantage One help you along the way.
Business Opportunity, Bulk Sales, Franchise Sales and Liquor License Escrow Services.

Understanding our clients? needs is the key to all escrow transactions. You can feel assured that we will go above and beyond to provide you with comprehensive business escrow services. Our years of expertise and insight with business escrows affords us the ability to custom tailor escrows that fit your needs. As business owners or soon-to-be you have to be careful with whom you do business with. The same goes for your escrow company. Call us today an feel safe with your transaction!